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05. stycznia 2009 21:36:00
Simply put 3 grams (approximately one teaspoon) of loose Green Tea into a ceramic cup (6 ounces to 8 ounces) or green tea ingredients the ceramic filter of the cup if there is one. Then pour freshly boiling water (for best results please use water at the temperature of 80 degrees Celsius or 170 degree Fahrenheit) into your ceramic cup. Put a cover on top of the cup, and let it sit for 3 minutes. Appreciation of Green Tea is not limited to the taste of drinking. You can use your other senses as well. When you open the cover of the cup, smell the tea first to enjoy its pleasant aroma. Then take a look at the bright green color of the tea and you will find the leaves gently unfolding in your cup. Allow yourself to relax and slowly sip your first taste of the tea. Let it roll down your tongue and savor the subtle scent of the sweet grass. Slowly, you will enjoy every sip of your Green Tea. When one third of the tea is all that is left in the cup, you can add more hot water. You can repeat the above procedure with the same loose Green Tea leaves up to three times or more. Preheat your teapot by rinsing it with hot water. Then add the loose tea leaves according to the size of your green tea supplement (for example, 2 teaspoons for 6 teacups of boiling water). Next, pour the freshly boiling, distilled water (80 degrees Celsius or 170 degrees Fahrenheit) into your ceramic teapot. Cover the teapot for five minutes. Serve the tea to yourself and your guests in teacups and slowly enjoy every sip of your tea.
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31. grudnia 2008 15:48:00
New evidence is emerging that green tea can even help dieters. In November, 1999, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published the results of a study at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. Researchers found that men who were given a combination of caffeine and green tea extract burned more calories than those given only caffeine or a placebo. Green tea can even help prevent tooth decay! Just as its bacteria-destroying abilities can help prevent food poisoning, it can also kill the bacteria that causes dental plaque. Meanwhile, skin preparations containing green tea - from deodorants to creams - are starting to appear on the market. Producing the perfect cup of green tea is a tricky process. If not handled properly, those same polyphenols that provide health benefits can ruin the flavor, making the tea taste "gassy." It's particularly important not to overbrew. While it's best to follow the manufacturer's instructions for each variety of green tea, here are some general instructions:
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31. grudnia 2008 15:45:00
Is any other food or drink reported to have as many health benefits as green tea? The Chinese have known about the medicinal benefits of green tea since ancient times, using it to treat everything from headaches to depression. In her book Green Tea: The Natural Secret for a Healthier Life, Nadine Taylor states that green tea has been used as a medicine in China for at least 4,000 years. Today, scientific research in both Asia and the west is providing hard evidence for the health benefits long associated with drinking green tea. For example, in 1994 the Journal of the National Cancer Institute published the results of an epidemiological study indicating that drinking green tea reduced the risk of esophageal cancer in Chinese men and women by nearly sixty percent. University of Purdue researchers recently concluded that a compound in The benefits of green tea green tea inhibits the growth of cancer cells. There is also research indicating that drinking green tea lowers total cholesterol levels, as well as improving the ratio of good (HDL) cholesterol to bad (LDL) cholesterol.
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